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Could Not Have Done It Without Her

"Both personally and professionally, I enthusiastically recommend Nicole as a website builder and social media manager. I have worked with her in building two websites with Wix: the first for my company, Hotel Momcierge (which offers concierge services to families visiting Istanbul--babysitting, rental equipment, airport transfers etc.) and my personal website She was responsible for presenting me with design options, and inputting data. She also was also an admin of Hotel Momcierge’s Facebook page, and helped with my social media. She quickly impressed me with her prompt feedback, reliability, professionalism and positive attitude. She is an extremely mature, trustworthy, motivated and intelligent young woman.  She played an instrumental role in building my business. I honestly could not have done it without her."

Sevil Delin

Hotel Momcierge

Best Investment I've Made

"Working with Kaira & Co was the best investment I’ve made into my business. I didn’t want to learn how to create a website. I have enough to do running my business. Nicole and her team gave me exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier with my online store!"

Jenifer K.

Utmost Professionalism and Artistic Creativity

"I would like to thank Nicole Kiran for the fantastic job and energy she put in the making of our site Kozmetik & Voyage, turning our vision into reality. From the start of the project til the end she demonstrated utmost professionalism and artistic creativity. She is very generous with her time and expertise and was 24/7 accessible for any changes or additions we may have needed. 

Couldn’t have done this with out you Nicole!"

Shiva G.

A Breath of Fresh Air

"Nicole doesn't know how to fail! If she doesn't know how to do something (the list is short), she just works harder and gets more creative. She is a breath of fresh air to work with!"

Han D.

An Absolute Delight

"Nicole not only helps you develop a strategy to scale your business and increase your online presence, she's also just an absolute delight to work with making the collaboration that much more productive!"

Christine T.

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