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  • Nicole Kiran

Developing a Content Calendar for Instagram: Tips for Boutique Hotels

Updated: May 14, 2023

As a boutique hotel, having a strong presence on Instagram is crucial to attracting new guests and maintaining engagement with your existing audience. But with the fast-paced nature of social media, it can be challenging to consistently create high-quality content that resonates with your followers. That's where a content calendar comes in. In this blog post, we'll share tips for developing a content calendar for Instagram that aligns with your brand messaging and goals, and how to use it to stay organized and efficient.

Define Your Goals

The first step in developing a content calendar is to define your goals for your Instagram page. Are you trying to drive bookings, build brand awareness, or showcase your hotel's unique personality? Once you have a clear idea of what you're trying to achieve, you can use that to guide your content creation and scheduling.

Determine Your Posting Schedule

Next, decide how often you want to post on Instagram. Consistency is key when it comes to social media, so it's important to establish a regular posting schedule that your audience can rely on. Consider factors like your target audience's behavior and the types of content that perform well on your page when determining how often to post.

Brainstorm Content Ideas

Once you have a clear idea of your goals and posting schedule, it's time to start brainstorming content ideas. Think about what types of content align with your brand messaging and will resonate with your target audience. This can include photos and videos of your hotel's amenities, behind-the-scenes looks at your staff, guest testimonials, and more.

Create a Calendar Template

Now that you have a list of content ideas, it's time to create a calendar template to organize your posts. You can use a simple spreadsheet or a tool like Later or Hootsuite to create a visual calendar that allows you to see your posts at a glance. Include columns for the date and time of each post, the content type, caption, and any relevant hashtags or tags.

Schedule Your Posts

With your calendar template in place, it's time to start scheduling your posts. Use a scheduling tool like Later or Hootsuite to upload your photos or videos, write your captions, and schedule your posts for the desired date and time. Make sure to also include any relevant hashtags or tags.

Monitor Your Performance

Finally, it's important to monitor your Instagram performance regularly to see what's working and what's not. Use Instagram's built-in analytics or a third-party tool like Sprout Social or Iconosquare to track engagement, reach, and follower growth. Use this data to adjust your content calendar as needed and optimize your Instagram strategy.


By following these tips, you can develop a content calendar for Instagram that aligns with your brand messaging and goals and helps you stay organized and efficient. With a strong Instagram presence, your boutique hotel can attract new guests and maintain engagement with your existing audience.

Ready to take your Instagram presence to the next level? Contact us to learn how our Instagram management services can help you attract more guests and increase your bookings.

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