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Nicole Kiran

The way you present yourself online is so important. I've seen so many small businesses struggle with their website and brand guidelines, and I want to help! 

My name is Nicole Kiran, also known as Kaira. I was born and raised in Texas but I lived my high school years in Almaty, KZ and got my bachelor's degree in Istanbul where I continue to live.

Since graduating a few years back, among other things, I worked remotely for a San Francisco-based marketing company called 9Dotz, working with clients to define their brand and visually present it to the world. I've also spent some time in the hospitality industry dealing with brand management, and worked with small businesses to get their websites launched, create brand material and help them define who they are.

In fact, the idea of starting this company all really began when my mom decided to start her own small business based out of Thailand, selling beautiful hand-woven pillows. She had a product that she loved and was passionate about making it work, but she needed a look, a website and a defined story. This can be rather overwhelming as a small business, and with my previous experience, I wanted to help her find her way. I realized that she wasn't alone, and there are so many others just like her that just need a bit of guidance.


With that, Kaira & Co was born.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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